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Upon twin peaks tended to by the finest magics meant to bend reality itself formed a single, flat plane above the mountains where researchers of every kind rushed to find limited boarding within the extravagant housing thereupon. Here, the greatest of minds both self-proclaimed and true dabbled in all manners of sorcery and divine intervention with the land in hopes of creating a true Utopia. A cry of pure joy had sprung forth from the halls some generations after the first conception of the project and its ideals. A glimpse had been spotted within the void created of magic and hope, a beautiful land filled with all the needs any of the races would ever need without ever having to resort to violence to gain the upper hand again.

Invitations and word had been sent, animals charmed to do the bidding of their magical masters spreading the news to all without a momentís notice. Utopia had been found, it was truly not a fairytale meant to bring aspiring youths to their parentís ideals! Within a decade the portal had been found and anchored atop the mountain, strong magic emanating from the opened maw of reality leaving some to quiver in anticipation and others in well placed anxiety. Toiled as they might have had for years, something about this glimmering land before them had to be wrong. Perfection was truly something that should not exist, some of the wiser men present even arguing that it simply could not exist for equality needed its tainted and well-hated cousin; the darkness. Try as some might to warn their colleagues of such danger those wise enough to believe were ignored and their pleading falling to deaf ears.
Their words, however were the only things the first to walk through the threshold would ever remember as a ghastly cry ripped from the very portal to their Utopia. A great quake of arcane and divine magic alike spilling from the rend in reality, bleeding together in an unholy mix that wrought as much destruction as any magic user believed it would given the chance.

The first step to Eden was also the first into ChaosÖ

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