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This adventure is designed for characters in their first career, and is set in the aftermath of the “Storm of Chaos”, a devastating invasion of the Empire led by Archaon, Lord of the End Times. The forces of Chaos have been beaten back from Middenheim and its surroundings, leaving desolation in their wake. Survivors are trying to rebuild amid the ruins of Middenland, fighting off remnant bands of Beastmen and other perils.

The adventure begins in Untergard, a small town not far from Middenheim. Count Boris Todbringer has sent gifts to the people of Untergard as a reward for their valour during the Storm of Chaos. Even as the people of Untergard celebrate this news, though, Mutants attack across the bridge. Then word comes of a Beastman force approaching Untergard from the south. The war, it seems, it not over after all. While the town’s patched-up and improvised defences are strong enough to hold back the occasional warband, Untergard cannot hope to stand against this new threat; the inhabitants must evacuate, and try to reach Middenheim and the protection of Count Todbringer.

On this desperate journey, the Player Characters will take the role of protectors, providers and even investigators, for all is not as it seems amongst the refugees of Untergard. From blood feud to the horrors of war, the adventurers will gain a taste of all that the Warhammer World has to offer.

Untergard was founded roughly 100 years ago. Villagers from the Grimminhagen area, fed up with the oppressive taxes of Graf Sternhauer, packed up their belongings and headed south. The Graf was furious, but he was also certain these malcontents would be swallowed up the Drakwald Forest. The villagers followed the river south until they found a suitable spot for a settlement. They built a village on the west side of the river and managed to scrabble out an existence against all odds.

More than that, the village began to grow. The small settlement turned into a town, eventually expanding to the eastern side of the river. With supreme effort, the people of Untergardragged enough stone south to build a wide bridge to connect the two halves of town. Within two generations the village of exiles had turned into a centre of local trade. The bridge was the only crossing south of Grimminhagen and the town became a natural stopping point for trade barges coming up the river.

This success had a price, however. When Archaon’s forces invaded Middenland, Untergard and its bridge became critically important. Khazrak, the most powerful Beastman warlord of the Drakwald and the arch nemesis of Count Todbringer, led a surprise night time attack against Untergard. Khazrak’s Beastmen assailed the walls, broke inside, and completely overran the eastern half of town.

The defenders rallied at the bridge, however, and a nine-day battle for Untergard ensued. Thousands of Imperial troops and Dwarf allies reinforced the town and the bridge became a scene of unbelievable carnage. Stymied, Khazrak destroyed the eastern half of town and took his forces north.The focus of the campaign soon shifted to Middenheim itself and Untergard seemed safe. Regiment after regiment was called away from Untergard to strengthen Imperial forces elsewhere.The survivors began to rebuild. The eastern half of town was so thoroughly destroyed that it had to be temporarily abandoned. Untergard natives, plus many refugees from even less fortunate settlements, went to work in the ruins.

Welcome to Warhammer 2nd Edition. I will be your GM and together I hope that this offering is up to quality standards for you. I wanted to first say that this game will focus on the character primarily being from Untergard but focusing more attention within Middenheim. Your careers will play an important part of this game. With the option of rolling for your career or picking your career, stories will present itself around your career and primarily the war will be a background theme to the game. This game will use terms such as living and breathing and include them into a living and breathing campaign in which it is sandbox in flair. You there will be many options open to you the character as stories within stories will present itself within this game. There will be concurrent groupings in this game solely based on GMs decision but if players feel more comfortable gaming with friends then that is fine. Having a career as a merchant for example will give you the ability to own a shop and carry wares in which people will come and shop so carrying items that people will need is greatly appreciated.


There are Ten Questions that will better help me understand your role and how you will flesh out your character in this game.

Where are you from? The major regions of the Empire are as follows: Averland, Hochland, Middenland, Nordland, Ostland, Ostermark, Reikland, Stirland, Talabecland and Wissenland.

What Is your famIly lIke? Are you an only child or do you have brothers and sisters? What’s your place in the family? Are you the eldest and heir apparent orthe disowned wild child? Are you parents still alive? If not, how did they die? Very few folk in the Empire die of “natural causes”. Plague, starvation, and violent death are far more common. Or perhaps they went on a pilgrimage and never returned.

What Is your Social Class? Some careers, most notably Noble, Peasant, and Burgher, have an implied social class. Others can work with a variety of social classes. While birth doesn’t necessarily disqualify you from making somethingof yourself, it is true that the upper class has all the advantages. Where in the social strata does your family fall? Were your parents dirt political crusade? Are you out to get vengeance on those who ruinedor murdered your family? Are you nothing more than a thrill seeker or gold chaser?

How Religious Are You? enough to worship one to the exclusion of all others. Before getting on board a ship, even a priest of Sigmar will offer a prayer to Manann, God of the Seas. Those praying for a sick relative beseech Shallya, Goddess of Healing. Hunters offer a piece of each kill to Taal, God of Nature. That said, some folk are more pious than others. Are you particularly religious? If so, is there a God you favour? A sell sword may honour Myrmidia, Goddess of War, above other Gods, because battle is so much a part of the mercenary life. Initiates and Priests, of course, must make this decision early on.

Who Are Your Best Friends and Worst Enemies? The other player characters may well be your best friends, but this isn’t necessarily the case. You may not even know each other when play begins. So what friends do you have and where do they live? Are you on good terms or have you had a falling out? Similarly, do you have any enemies? If so, how did it happen? This is good information to talk over with the Game Master, because a good GM can weave details like this and help give the world more realism. Friends can help you out in a pinch or turn into your most bitter enemies. GMs looking to make an adventure more personal can involve one of your personal enemies.

What Are Your Prized Possessions? Do you have any items of sentimental value? These need not be items of monetary value, but they should have special meaning for you. Is the rusty sword you wield the only thing your father ever gave you? Is the copper ring you wear a remembrance of your slain husband? Is the aging steed you ride the first horse you ever broke? You might also discuss with me important things from your life that you’ve already lost and would do to get back.
Who Are You Loyal To? The old World is too dangerous a place to get by without allies. Are there any people or organizations that you are loyal to? Maybe the mayor of your town saved your sister from the plague and you’d do anything to help him. Perhaps your master rescued you from a life of poverty so you are not only personally loyal to him but to your guild as well. You might also be a loyal servant of a church.

Who Do You Love/ Hate? Love and hate are the strongest of emotions. What place do they have in your life? Are you in love with someone? Is it a passing crush, a case of unrequited love, or is there really a deep bond between you? On the flipside, who do you hate and why? Vengeance is a strong motivation and often linked to hatred. You may hate individuals (such as your enemies) or whole classes of people or creatures. If your wife was slain by Beastmen, for example, you might hate them above all other foes. Perhaps an unscrupulous lawyer caused your family to lose its home and now you are convinced that all lawyers are crooks and scoundrels.

What Did You Do Before Becoming An Adventurer? This is an important question. Your career provides a basic answer, but you refine this further. Many careers arerather broad and encompass a variety of related professions. You should narrow this down and try to figure out exactly what you did before you becamean adventurer. The details you’ve already worked out and the skills you chose during character creation can help you make some decisions.

Why Did You Become An Adventurer? An adventurer’s life is dangerous. For one thing, adventurers travel and that is fraught with peril in the Empire. There’s a reason most peasants never go further than a few miles from the village they were born in. Bandits, Beastmen, and Goblins all menace the roads and pirates on the rivers are no better. So what was it that made you choose this life of peril? Are you on a personal or political crusade?

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