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Fu Leng's victory during the Second Day of Thunder has ushered in an era of unspeakable Darkness upon the land of Rokugan. The Emerald Empire has been eclipsed by that of the new Obsidian Empire ruled by the Ninth Kami those who remain under his rule toil in a world of cruelty and violence in which death offers no escape. The Celestial Heavens have turned their back on the mortal realm with only the Thunder Dragon providing the last glimpse of hope for mankind. Yet with Fu Leng's final victory over Toturi's Army upon the Isles of Spice and Silk it seems as though all is lost as the survivors have fled the Empire they once defended.

The year is 1164, 24 years since most of Toturi's Army left for the Ivory Kingdom's. In that time many things have changed. A generation of samurai born on gaijin lands raised on the tales of Rokugan and a home never known. The remnants of the Great and Minor Clans of Rokugan will make their final assault to retake their home, but before it can begin information must be gathered from the heart of the Empire as in the last couple of years their loyal spies have gone silent.

Welcome to 1,000 Years of Darkness (KYD) an alternate Rokugan that never was. To read more on Fu Leng's victory on the Second Day of Thunder go to:

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