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The Dank Cave of Horribleness has a new master, Thaug, the Lich Lord, and he's not too particularly happy about this arrangement.

After a long night of drinking forbidden brew from the abyss with his colleagues, Thaug lost his phylactery in a gambling game to Kegs, a mischievous imp with unfathomable power. The only way for Thaug to get his phylactery back is to pay the imp an indescribable amount of riches, which lead to Keg loaning the lich the Dank Cave of Horribleness as home base.

The game plan Thaug has made is simple: lure adventurers, kill adventurers, and loot adventurers. Not the most cunning plan, but it is the simplest way for a minion to understand, and this minion is you!

You are a summoned spirit with a bad case of amnesia, but a strong will to succeed. As a spirit you are able to take possession of different monsters that Thaug has delivered to the cave and control as you see fit for each encounter with would-be adventure parties. The more adventurers you kill equals the more infamy the cave gains. The more infamous the cave becomes equals the more "brave" adventures to visit. And the braver the adventurers equals the more riches on hand to loot.

Throughout the game the layout of the cave will change as Thaug will make renovations and changes as he sees fit. He'll have stronger monsters delivered to home base for you to possess and utilize. Eventually, Thaug will reclaim his phylactery and award the best monster with life once again. It should be noted that Thaug doesn't care who kisses his feet and who soils on others as long as he's making bank. Backstabbing and secrecy is encouraged, especially by the Lich Lord.

Who will climb the Corporate Ladder of Doom the fastest?

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