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  • Created Apr 29 '12
  • Last Post Jun 6 '12 at 9:56pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System GURPS
  • Setting Supers

Game Description

In 1975 the asteroid 1975 Hades passed close to the earth just bouncing off the upper atmosphere due to a shallow entry. This asteroid was unique in that it was emitting high levels of radiation all across the spectrum. Astronomers studied it intently but were not able to make much sense of it, though they were able to predict another pass in 20 years. An oddity noted in some medical journals was a slight rise birth defects in the following months.

Beginning 10 years later there were strange rports across the globe of unusual children though there was little hard evidence to back it up. By 1990 there were at least 3 confirmed cases of individuals that could greatly surpass human limitations with abilities such as incredible strength, speed or mental abilities. Information was withheld from the public as much as possible and estimates placed the number of such individuals at no more than 10,000 world wide though this number was never confirmed.

in 1995 1975 Hades returned on schedule though this time passing low through the atmosphere and the heat cased it to detonate high in the atmosphere. For the next 3 years the world was covered in a light ash that even small particles of gave off the same energies originally detected. Over the next 3 years birth defects were at an all time high though after that the energy rapidly dropped off. Now in 2012 various government agencies and those affected by the first wave in 1975 wait to see if there will be a discovery of a new batch of humans with abilities.

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