The Northern Deliberative

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  • Created Apr 29 '12
  • Last Post Oct 12 '12 at 3:50am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Exalted

Game Description

In RY 763, the Scarlet Empress disappeared. Over the following decade, chaos slowly spread through Creation as the Celestial Exalted once again made their presence known. Solar Heroes re-emerged from wherever they’d been hiding, ready to reshape the world in their own image. Deathknights melted out of the shadows, ready to slay the world. Lunars chewed in from the world’s wild places, upredictable agents of change. Even the Infernal Exalted crossed the Cecylenian expanse to reshape the world for their masters.
Then one night, ten years after the Scarlet Empress disappeared, the omens resounded. The earth shook, stars fell from the sky…

…and the Scarlet Empress announced her return.

It took only a few years for the changes to be felt. Widespread knowledge of the Empress’ new Alchemical allies became known to those who paid heed to esoteric secrets. (Though, just as not all Dragon-Blooded serve the Realm, neither to all Alchemicals.) The Realm lost its satrapies in the North and East, and turned its attention to the South and West. The Immaculate Order incorporated the existence of the Alchemicals into their doctrines, and a slow but noticeable trickle of raw materials made its way to the Blessed Isle and never returned. The Empress flexed her Imperial might just once, directing the Sword of Creation against a necrotech battle fleet launched at her from the Northwestern Ocean. Few have since moved against her so openly and so massed.

Thirty years later, a fertile vacuum has sprung up in the North. Thanks to certain deals with the Haslanti, the vast white stretches of Northern taiga and glaciers now have their own emerald oases. In the midst of a string of these, a few Exalts recalled the lore of old and set about a bold new experiment.

The New Deliberative.

At this point, it consists of perhaps two dozen Celestial-level Exalted, with scattered rogue Alchemical and Terrestrial supporters. Your PCs are part of this group of founders, helping to cobble together a New Age and see its spread amongst the directions of the world.

* * *

This game is going to take place in the same setting as the tabletop Exalted game I ran, though everyone's going to be making new characters. The old PC's will have had an effect on the setting, but are unlikely to do more than make the odd cameo. Any and all Exalt types are open and available, but a prerequisite for every character is the ability to at least get along with anyone in furtherance of goals. Past that, there's no real reason that you guys will have to form your own Circle, though that's certainly an option.

Game Themes

  • Building on the Bones of the Past
  • A Single Spark of Hope in the Cold
  • And (In)Justice For All
  • How Do the Giant Kids Play Nice With Each Other?
  • Playing in the Big Leagues Now.
  • Arms Race.

Game Threats
  • More Exalts, More Crazy, More Power
  • Not All That's Lost Should Be Found
  • Wyld Things
  • Status Quo (including Neo-Scarlet Empire, Deathlords, Bronze Sidereals, Immaculate Order, Celestial Bureaucracy)

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