Midnight in the City

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Game Information
  • Created May 2 '12
  • Last Post May 31 '12 at 7:06pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Scion

Game Description

Welcome to the City - a beautiful, expansive metropolis on the eastern seaboard of the United States. It represents the faith of the gods in humanity, it was a gift to them. A place for the best, for the brightest. To be a lighthouse against the night which would guide the stream of humanity towards a Utopian ideal. That was the idea for hundreds of years - and then the Titans broke their shackles.

The vicious pantheon on pantheon infighting during the second World War opened the door to the Titans and the City was forgotten. By the time peace came - the damage was done - Titanspawn had spilled into the world and the attentions of the Gods and their children was in grand gestures - the acts of legend. Diving into a dragon's lair bravely, fighting hordes of beasts from times far past, these deeds were important and grand and may have saved the world many times over but they lacked a subtlety.

And that is the weakness the Titan's have exploited. They have sunk their fingers deep into the City while eyes were elsewhere. They have exploited the mortal system and taken over this dream and perverted into a dark place. A place of fear and loathing and doom. Crime runs rampant, both those against the laws of man and against decency and humanity, against the will of the Gods.

It is not the Scion's of the War Gods who can fix this - for a Scion cannot simply walk into a corrupt Titanspawn mayor's office and kill them without coming away scathed. This task has been given to a group of young Scions who were born of the Gods who have long held the social constructs in their hands. Love, community, art and knowledge are the answers to this plague - but it shall be a long struggle.

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