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The dragons have always been here, since before the gods of the humans made their mark, before the Charr legions were formed, before the Norn told their first tales.

The dwarven legends told of them, however, and one of their servants lived among mortals, always watching, even as she prophesied world-shattering events.

Now, two and a half centuries have passed since the first of the five dragons, Primordius, started to stir, awakening the Destroyers and forcing the dwarves to transform into living stone warriors to hold back the tide. He was followed by Jormag, a dragon of ice and snow who's power sent the Kodan fleeing south, running the mighty Norn out of the Shiverpeaks they called home. Zhaitan awoke next, raising the sunken continent of Orr and all of its lost residents with him. Soon, massive sea horrors appeared, the handiwork of yet another dragon, who's name has never been discovered. Finally, only a few years ago, awoke Kralkatorrik, whom merely by flying over the ground caused it and everything living in its path to be corrupted into twisted, crystalline monstrosities.

These are the foes we now face. The world is in terrible shape, and despite deep-seated hatreds, all must unite if survival is the goal.

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