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The Spindrift Lands are relatively unknown and almost completely forgotten, but Empress Zerika of the Dragaeran Empire has discovered that attempts were made to colonise them back before the empire's Interregnum. Now that her throne is secure, the Empress has instructed her prime minister to select a group of extraordinary adventurers to travel across the ocean and determine what has become of those colonisation attempts. Will all Dragaerans welcome this attempt to find old friends, distant relatives, and long-lost enemies?

Starting level: 7
Hit Dice: Standard
Stats: 6m4d6r1v1

All Dragaerans can cast level 0 spells as per wizard of their level as long as they are in contact with the Imperial Orb (in Dragaera or near it).

Bonus Feat: Each character gets one extra bonus feat during character creation at level 1.
No Leadership.

Acceptable Sources
The Completes
Book of Exalted Deeds
Player's Handbook 2

Good or Neutral characters, no Evil alignments
No "Stupid"

"Dragaerans" (specific type of elf) or Human only.
Humans can come from the books. Dragaeran characters can be from any one of the 17 Great Houses, and each House provides specific bonuses or special abilities - I will provide specifics on those.

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