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  • Created May 22 '12
  • Last Post Jul 18 '12 at 2:16pm
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Greetings Weavers,
Ive come to you with a unique opportunity. To participate in a two-fold game that will be set in the myriad planes of Magic the Gathering. First we create the world in which to play in, then we switch systems to create leaders of nations, Champions of causes, Planeswalkers, and grand machinators. It wouldn't be so much your standard group of PC's. Being more or rivals, allies, and nemesis. I wouldn't call it PvP, because killing and destroying the other players would be relegated for more dramatic and climatic moments, with everyone getting their fair share of "Ill get you next time Gadget!" moments.This game will be highly character driven, and it would fall on the players and myself to flesh out this world, its city's, nations, and customs. I'd like to see each player put some thought and effort into their respective corners of the world, as I don't want to misinterpret or otherwise muck up your ideas.
We would then jog on our merry way throughout the land, conquering nations, raising undead armys, blowing up the sun, passing legislation on coffee cups, and furthering our goals and motives.

My initial projections for Stage 1 should take 2-3 weeks. Seeing as its more of a diving board for the real adventures.
Stage 1 will consist of the players working in tandem to create a new Plane using Dawn of Worlds. This will serve as the setting, or 'Block' set, in which we back drop our adventures. Each of the six players will be taking on the role of gods, and supreme entities. Each representing one of the six Colors of the Magic wheel (black, white, green, red, blue, and artifact), and their respective concepts. During this stage, the only multi-color races and lands will be created by two or more players working together. I highly encourage creative freedom to construct your corners of the nascent world. Though I shall impose three rules, to help keep the flavor and appeal of the MtG universe:

1) Magic permeates almost every aspect of the world.With all forms of magic being mana/land based in some capacity.
2)Technology can only be advanced as high as 'Spirit of the century'. Think of mid 1800's.
3) You've got to stick loosely within the motif of your chosen color.

The Second part of this game; its main focus will be using the Magic the Gathering RPG . Possibly taking on more players then the original six. I cant say that I have de facto over arching plans and story for the game, seeing as how the world hasn't been conceived as of yet. I can tell you that I do have several world effecting events in mind that will befall the souls of the world. Events which will be interwoven with the goals, plans, and scheme's of the players.

I am looking for motivated, imaginative players. Who are willing to take a mote of self-direction for the first phase. And who have definitive goals and motivations in mind for their characters parts. Also, if you've no love for the Dawn of Worlds part of this game, but wish to play in the 'adventurer' stage. I am more than willing to bring you in, once we have the Block created.

Applications will be accepted in This thread. I would like to see a paragraph or two that gives good measure of your writing style. Taking the form of a creation story, or narrative of the birth, dogma, and aspect of your God. The application should be self evident of what your chosen color is, reflected in the ideals and concepts that you as a deity represent.

This is my first attempt at GMing on the Weave. I feel this has great potential to springboard into a excellent moments of great storytelling. If you have any questions, or idea's please feel free to pose them here as well.

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