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This is, as the intro suggests, a Clone War-era game where all player characters are Jedi. Specifically, Jedi Padawans serving as Commanders alongside their master. I will try to maintain an even mix of combat and RP situations. All characters will have a Jedi Knight as an NPC master and a few other named NPCs surrounding them, but each player will be part of a self-contained unit that can (and usually does) operate independently from other players and their groups. Essentially, the game will be run as a string of solo missions for each player. With as many team-up scenarios I can fit in. There are some meta factors involved in these team-ups. Most importantly posting frequency. Players with a similar posting frequency will often be teamed together

Initial recruitment will be rolling. When I see a personality and background I simply can't turn down, I'll recruit them. At least one slot will be reserved for final recruitment. Various character creation rules are listed below.

Character CreationPut applications here
Ability scores are determined by 28-point-buy, with the standard array being 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10.

All PCs start at level 5. The first level must be Jedi, and at least half of your character levels must be Jedi at all times. Including additional levels gained during play. Naturally, this also means all characters must be from force-sensitive races.

There will be no starting wealth as such. Characters will have their Jedi Robes and a choice of Lightsabers. You can have two standard lightsabers or a choice of any single non-standard lightsaber (including double lightsaber). If you take Jedi Battle Armor, then you'll only have a standard lightsaber (master-built) as your weapon. Though procuring additional lightsabers in-game is not out of the question.

You can request for additional equipment within reason and I will be approving it on a case-by-case basis. Cybernetic replacements are unlikely but possible, if they tie into your background. Cybernetics that improve abilities, skills or feats will not be approved.[/ooc]

Besides their master, all character will know a clone captain and have an R-series astromech droid. Whether or not the Droid has significant personality is up to you. But remember that regularly wiping your astromech droids' memory (and personality) is a standard security protocol.

When writing your background, use a placeholder (like [Master]) for their name and try to avoid characterizing them too much. I will assign a master most fitting with the background you described, perhaps slightly tweaking their personality if needed. You will be able to choose their species and gender, or opt to have an existing (canon/EU) master of my choice. Similarly, clone captain personalities will be of my design. If present in your background, you should leave their names blank, replacing them with a placeholder.

Your're free to invent NPCs beyond that, such as regular clone troopers, NPC padawans or non-jedi officers. As well as tie parts of your background to Jedi other than your master.

HouserulesMost Padawans mirror their master in many ways. By spending a Force Point, a padawan can temporarily gain the benefit of their master's abilities. Unless otherwise noted, these bonuses last until the end of an encounter. The ability can be used multiple times per encounter, but only one bonus may be active at any time. The choices and condition are:

-Gain a talent from your Master's list of talents. If the talent in question requires another talent as a prerequisite, then the Padawan must have the prerequisite talent. Other prerequisites (such as base attack and feats) are ignored.

-Make a trained DC 15 UtF check to gain skill training in one of your master's trained skills. The DC increases to 20 if the master is not in the same star system. If the check fails, no Force Points are spent, but the test cannot be attempted again (for any skill) for 24 hours.

-Make a trained DC 20 UtF check to gain skill focus in one of your master's trained skills for your next roll in that skill. Your padawan needs to be trained in that skill, but the Master does not need to have skill focus in that skill, only skill training. Unlike other effects, this only lasts for a single check, however long it may take. If the master is not in the same star system, the DC increases to 25. This ability cannot be used to improve the UtF skill. If the check fails, no Force Points are spent, but the test cannot be attempted again (for any skill) for 24 hours.

The PCs will have replenishing Force Points. You gain 1 FP after every extended rest (8 hours) and double that after the longer downtime between scenarios. This second number is also the maximum of FP you can have. Your extended rest FP gain is 1 at first, increasing to 2 at 8th level and 3 at 16th level. The downtime maximum is always double that.

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