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This game is a home for those who are not the usual heroes; nor perhaps even heroes at all. Through their personal life experience, or perhaps just abnormal brain development, these people have become scarred, or strange, or possibly even "evil", as others may see it. Maybe they were tortured so much and at such a young age that they've become sadomasochists; maybe they've been mistreated and ill-fortuned to the point that the only happiness they can obtain is in seeing their misfortunes inflicted upon others. Maybe they've always had trouble empathizing with people and are merely fascinated with experimenting on them. Whatever the cause, any and all are welcome as long as they feel as outcast and/or emotionally tortured as I do.

Oh, did I forget to tell you? I'm the leader of our little organization. I'm reaching out to all those with whom I can find some common ground. I'm sick and tired of being looked down upon on society for being "evil"; it's time we show society that the only difference between us and them is that we were unlucky enough to have worse lives than them; if persuasion doesn't work, then by all means we'll use force. If you agree with me, I welcome you and any you might know with similar sentiments to come join this ragtag band of misanthropes and rejects.

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