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The premise is simple, a group of level 1 factotums awaken in the plane of Ysgard with nothing on them. From then on, its a sandbox and really up to them. They can procede how they wish.

RACE: The players will be able to select from practically any +0 LA race they want, though anything outside of the phb will need aproval.

Class: All players are limited EXCLUSIVELY to taking the class factotum for all levels. The class can be found in the suppliment book "Dungeonscape: An Essential Guide to Dungeon Adventuring". If any exist, I may allow ACFs to be taken (probably only trapfinding or turning/channeling exist).

Attributes: All players start by rolling 6m4d6r1v1, thats 6 sets of rolling 4d6, rerolling any 1s before dropping the lowest die. If dispite these rolls you still get a total bonus of below +6, ask and I may grant you a few extra points to toss in.

Spells: Spells from the PhB and spell compendium are allowed, anything else, please ask before using. Odds are, unless its from something odd, it will be fine. Please take note of the Factotums restrictions with casting. Only 1 spell can be prepared at the top level available and no spells with an XP cost! I know there is a feat that allows additional spell slots, I may allow it if you can point me to it. Speaking of...

Feats: Pretty much anything officially from WotC and Dragon Mag is allowed. Though if its way left field, obviously you would do well to ask permission. Particular note should be made of the feat found on this page, as it is a factotum's best friend. It allows you to do more of what a factotum does best... Everything... And with battles lasting longer due to fast healing, you will quickly learn to appreciate the extra inspiration points it provides.

Alignment: I am gonna go out of my comfort zone and allow any alignment to be chosen. But understand that the plane of Ysgard has a few unique traits that may effect how you want to play your character.

Wealth: There is NO starting equipment or wealth, unless you can give me a damn good reason why it should still be on your person. All belongings will need tobe either bartered for, stolen, or taken from the dead. (Same thing really on the last two...)

The Heroic Domain of Ysgard

Ysgard is best known as heaven for vikings. A place where those who die honorably spend all day drinking themselves silly then all night waging war with their best friends, only to arise from the battlefield the next day fully healed (with the exception of hangovers).

All deaths are automatically effected by the true ressurection spell at each sunrise. So if you kill an ally, be warned that he will be standing alive and well (and potentially angry) come sunrise.

All combatants, friend and foe (difference not always apparent), are under the constant effects of fast healing 2 and may even regrow lost limbs over time.

Chaotic Good dominates the alignment of the realm. Though those people tend to gather in camps and settlements rather then wandering about the battlefields. So dont expect everyone you see to be friendly.

Charisma checks made by those of a lawful alignment suffer a -2 penalty.

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