Stranger Roads

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Game Information
  • Created May 27 '12
  • Last Post Aug 24 '12 at 1:29am
  • Status Aborted
  • System 7th Sea

Game Description

It's a secret that could shake the very foundations of Theah...

Father Isaac Schaefer was a was both a devout Objectionist minister and a devoted member and patron of the Explorer's Society. Six months ago, he joined an expedition heading up to a Syrneth ruin located in a far flung isle of the Vestenmanjaver archipelago. Of the eight explorers, only he and the expedition's archivist returned alive.

The archivist, a woman named Mercedes Cuizot, stayed at the Explorer's Society charterhouse for only a few days before returning home to her obligations at the Montaigne court. In the weeks after his return, Father Schaefer became more and more erratic, finally taking his own life after burning all his notes regarding the expedition.

The Society was badly shaken by the death of one of their own. What could the expedition have found that proved so utterly horrifying that a good man would die to hide the secret. Was his death even a suicide, or was another hand involved?

It falls to you, the friends and fellow society members of the late father, to follow in his expedition's footsteps and discover the truth...

Campaign 100 points: Exploration - 35, Intrigue - 30, Adventure - 25, Romance - 10, Military - 0

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