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The first thing to say is that this is far form dnd 3.5. Apologies. But the second thing to say is that this game is awesome..

Recommended for people who have some small knowledge of any of the Heroes of Might and Magic games, but anyone is welcome if they're willing to learn!

Ever wated to play Heroes with a team You created from scratch!? Boom. Here it is! You create the team, the troops, the hero. Your game, your way! The building choices are far more numerable for vairation in game play so that everyone can have a different style! There are lots of changes to Myth-Weavers Heroes, the first of which is that your hero is a dnd 3.5 character. There are still seven troop types though, and each troop can be upgraded.

What you need to do to play is ask all your questions!! And create your very own, pc-personalised Race. And here's how you do it.

Create a level one dnd 3.5 hero from srd material only. No magic items (yet).

It's nice for a race to have a theme but doesn't have to. Just put your points onto your stats with a minimum of 1 in each. In terms of HP, you will see that you already have a free (and therefore minimum) amount of hp for each level of troop that does not count towards your point total. This ensures your amazing level seven troops are never without less than 128 hp, even if you decide not to give them any more! ect. Each level of troop can have abilities that cost a tenth of their starting cost per ability, rounding up. If you want to make an ability better you can just shove the word improved and then greater infront ofthe ability and have it take up 2 or 3 tenths of your starting points (eg, improved poison, as per my example later). The other thing to say is that Initiative and seed are just as important as any of the others and can be as high as you want them. Technically you could have a level seven troop with one in every stat apart from hp and speed... though I wouldn't recommend it ;).

RACE: ------------ Name -- Attack -- Defence -- Min Damage -- Max Damage -- HP -- Initiative -- Speed

Level 1
(2 HP)
10 Points
15 Points

Level 2
(4 HP)
20 Points
30 Points

Level 3
(8 HP)
40 Points
60 Points

Level 4
(16 HP)
80 Points
120 Points

Level 5
(32 HP)
160 Points
240 Points

Level 6
(64 HP)
320 Points
480 Points

Level 7
(128 HP)
640 Points
960 Points

Ideally we will have four teams of 2 and an NPC team.
Any questions, ask away! It should be thoroughly enjoyable.

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