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I want to run a game for around 3-8 players. I'm planning on using some published material for the adventure(s).

I'm not a very experienced technical/crunchy DM. So I like simple things mechanically.

PHB/SRD only, essentially.

However, as an enticement I will let you play any alignment and any race that has a PC template in its SRD section.

PCs will be starting at lvl 1, however, so LA races will be handled specially. I'll probably divide up the special features of the race (and/or the lvl 1 class) by the number of the LA and dole them out as your first few levels. And/or maybe force you to take Commoner or Warrior for LA 2 and 1 instead of a PC class, or maybe make all LA guys take Commoner as a placeholder class to be replaced with a PC class once they get high enough.

(You probably don't want to be more than Large though, as it may cause issues)

Most importantly, I want a wide mix of different characters. Races, alignments, classes, concepts, deities, etc.

I'm not aiming to generate conflict necessarily, and I'd like to avoid PvP (at least until some major RP has led to it) if possible, but I want to generate RP. Relationships, compromise, lies & deceit, guys that hate each other working together, buddy cops, star-crossed lovers, etc.

That said, I'll much prefer creative character backgrounds and solid Role players. Human Fighter is just fine (though I probably wouldn't pick more than one, maybe two if their backgrounds were good) if that's what you want to play mechanically.

But I want a solid background, personal motivations, prejudices, etc.

Post if you're interested, ask questions, make suggestions, etc.

I'll start working on an application template.

Oh - and keep any character ideas to yourselves. Or at least keep them generic/mechanical in nature until I have the forum & the application template up for you. I want all applications to be secret.

One more thing - I'll want every character to create their own plot hook. Basically, I'll need everyone to provide a motivation/mission/goal that they are pursuing as the game begins. They're chasing someone, looking for something, escaping someone or thing, etc. Something that has them on the move.

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