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The land of Threshold is made of three main reigns: the humans, dwarfs, and elves. The human land is mostly the southern area of the map, mostly plains with small forests. The dwarfs area is the high mountains in the North as well as part of the dessert in the East. The elves is the vast forest of the west. The other areas that were never able to be conquered is the ice lands beyond the dwarf's mountains and the dessert in between the humans and dwarfs reign.

The tale begins in the small village of Cousland, farmers just returning from there harvest with wagons full of wheat and vegetables. The sun high in the air as the blacksmith's hammer echos from his open forge. The butcher's shop fills with villagers preparing for the meal of the evening. The other buildings around are small homes of the villagers except for the Shiny Copper Inn. Inside the inn, men are getting drunk as they talk about their own experiences with the harvest or luck with women. The innkeeper cleans empty glasses in between pouring drinks for the patrons. An older man stands outside the inn sipping a mug of cold water, he appears to be looking into the sky and seems as if he is out of place compared to the rest of the villagers.

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