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  • Created Jun 2 '12
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  • System Pathfinder

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BackgroundString Theory Test Scheduled for Sept. 8
Reuters – Aug 17, 2079
Cambridge, Massachusetts – Dr. Andrew Walters of MIT and his team of researchers announced today that they are within striking distance of the long-sought test of Superstring Theory, a popular but as-of-yet-untested theory about the fundamental nature of the universe. “According to String Theory,” Dr. Walters explained, “Our universe exists on the surface of a hyperdimensional membrane floating through a sort of a dimensional void. For the last three years, we’ve been designing and building a device which, if our theories are correct, will force a tiny amount of matter off of our membrane, causing it to effectively disappear from our universe without a trace.” Dr. Walters plans to test his apparatus on September 8.

From the journal of Sarah Lerberg:

Well, they finally did it. For the first time since the Disaster, we’ve got a working steam engine. It’s hard to believe it’s real. Back in the first few years, when we were struggling to keep the farms running, it was hard to believe we’d even survive. But now they’re talking about rebuilding some of the old tracks and getting trains running again. Personally, I’d rather have electricity again, but they say that won’t work here, not that they really understand why. There’s still so much we don’t understand, like those green things that’ve been burning up in the atmosphere these past few months. (Well, okay, those green-burning things. Hard to say what color the rock or whatever is.) Heck, we don’t even know why we’re even alive – there’ve been some very convincing talks explaining exactly why the evidently different laws of physics make this impossible. (No one was convinced, of course.) And don’t even get me started on those “druids.” Or those so-called "fey."
All that aside, though, for the first time in twenty years, I’m starting to feel pretty hopeful. Once we get the trains back on line, we can really start to rebuild this damn country – and thank god for the Pony Express; at least we know the rest of the country is still there. I just wish we could say the same for Europe.

From Dean Adam Franklin’s commemorative speech on the activation of the first order shield:

Today is a great day for New Chicago, and indeed for all humanity. Ever since the first chaos beasts destroyed the shattered remnants of the old United States, it has been a constant struggle simply to survive. The marauding monsters have hounded us at every turn. They burned Mayborough, massacred Springfield, destroyed Hollsfield, overran countless farming villages. Only the magic of the druids and the strength of our arms has saved us from extinction. Even here, in the center of our most fortified city, no one has felt truly safe, always fearing that the next dragon would be stronger or more persistent than the last.
But no more. Today, our long struggles to understand the strange rules of this new world have finally borne the fruit of salvation. Today, we have found a way to wall out even the beasts that fly. Today, we have found a way to force back even the beasts with roots. Today, we have found a way to slay even the beasts that do not live. For today, we have completed the order shield.
Today, we can pray that it is not too late for the rest of the world.

OverviewAfter a catastrophic disaster, the Earth and the whole Sol system has been transported from out universe to another. This new universe reacted to the intrusion much like the human body does when dealing with a pathogen. Strange meteors would fall from the sky, corrupting and mutating nearby living things, turning them into monsters, "Chaos Beasts" as they have been dubbed, who have an instinctual hatred for humanity. Until the invention of the Order Shield, it was thought that it was merely a matter of time before a chaos beast that was too powerful to kill came and finished humanity off.

But with the order shield, things have changed, now humanity, and it's "allies," the fey, has gotten the chance to breath and recover. And most importantly, fight back.

CharactersThe characters are members of the local military. You either volunteered or were drafted and placed into the 102nd light infantry, where you will be deployed for a variety of missions, most of which are assuredly dangerous.

ApplicationsOkay, so I want the standard set, including a background. Additionally, I would like a writing sample detailing your first day amongst the 102nd.

-Starting Level 2
-25 point buy
-Available Races: Humans and Changelings*
-Classes: CRB, minus the cleric, wizard and sorcerer. APG minus the inquisitor, oracle, witch and summoner. No Magi. Gunslingers are allowed, but face some special circumstances. Rangers and Paladins also face some alterations. The engineer alternate class found here is also available.
-Starting Wealth: Standard
-Alignment: I am not overly worried about this personally. Just make sure you play well with others.
*A new race detailed later.

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