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This is a DC Universe where everything is backwards Superman being evil and Lex Luthor being good however this is NOT Earth 2. There is no Crime Syndicate. Superman isn't fighting the government he works for it. Named the People's Democratic Republic of Earth the world government is ruled with an iron fist. In this universe Gregor Strasser took over the Nazi Party after having Hitler assassinated and formed an alliance with Joesph Stalin. Thus this government is a mixture of Fascism and Stalinism. You can't get much worse than that! Its enforcers are named the People's Strike force which includes Ubermensch( Superman), The Amazon (Wonder Woman), Iron Talons(Hawk Girl) and Green Fist (Green Lantern) at the very top. There are many lesser supers at the bottom. You are a PL10 rebel. Pick any DCU villian and change him a bit so he is a hero. For example you could be a Catwoman type heroine who steals government secrets for the rebels, or a Joker clone whose sense of humor is not lethal and uses his gadgets only on the People's Police(SS type goon squad) or Black Manta type that only attacks People's Navy personall etc. You can use their entries in the books if you wish but reduce their power to PL10 if they exceed that. I am rebooting this as people wanted some things changed. You will be going against the Bat-Family right away and I will tone down the anti-hero aspects.

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