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  • Created Jun 14 '12
  • Last Post Jul 23 '12 at 5:31am
  • Status Aborted
  • System GURPS
  • Setting Modern

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"This city is a swarming cest-pit of politics and hate. The vermin do as they wish while the wealthy sit behind there walls in the ignorant utopia, pulling strings and turning a blind eye as the city slowly digests itself from the inside. Everything is privatised right down to the proxy police forces and no one cares about anything any more but the one parasitic falsity they can still cling on to... money." - Unknown Vigilante/Mass murderer.

Alright so the films/comics this campaign takes most of its inspiration from are: watchmen, Sin City and partially the new batman films as i think they have a certain noir quality to them. It is going to be based in a fictitious city and an alternate reality world. i have come up with political systems gang hierarchies and rebel factions which i hope will all lend greatly to a modern noir setting. NOTE this is not a 1920's noir but it is set in roughly 2018 and for GURPS rules sake TL8 digital age.

This is my first attempt at playing with GURPS and i only have GURPS light 4th edition so this game is going to be quite rules light and require some really good role-playing as i want all the PC's to be quite dysfunctional to fit into the world setting. This will also be my first time DM'ing on MythWeavers. so i suppose i'm asking for a lot of understanding if the game doesn't start of so smooth. that said i am an experienced DM using the D&D 4e rules so i know how to run a game.

There is also a conflict between rebel cells and the government. which i wont write so much about as i don't want to give to much away in the descriptions.

i would really like to run two groups of PC through this world simultaneously so me and Jackson will probably take a group each both of you working for opposing factions... i sense PvP action...

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