World Under Siege

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  • Created Jun 14 '12
  • Last Post Oct 2 '12 at 5:59pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Exalted

Game Description

Nearly nine months ago, the Realm was torn apart by sudden civil war. With the sudden death of Cathak Cainan, the relationship between the already tense Dynastic house grew uglier. Rumors were abound. Accusations flying every which way. It's not certain how it blossomed into full on war, who threw the first blow, but suddenly, the Houses were up in arms, scrapping in the streets for each one's personal candidate, alliances being built and dissolving within the space of a few days.

Nearly six months ago, The First and Forsaken Lion began his conquest of the South. This began with the ostentatious destruction of Gem by his Abyssal insurgents. The details are unclear, mostly because what remains of Gem is mostly dust and melted slag. The resulting shadowland allowed the deathlord to not only unleash his army onto Creation, but a ghostly mirror of his great underworld fortress as well. Base of operations set, the Legion Sanguinary washed over the nations of the South, each one falling with minimal resistance. It seemed that, with the Realm in tatters, it would be next in line.

Nearly three months ago, Tepet Ejava the Roseblack returned to the realm. In a stunning military coup, she forcibly crowned herself Shogun, settling the civil war with the help of a few supports in each house, gathered in secret. Placating the rest of the Dynasts, she took up her former rivals as Advisors. Most of the Realm's forces were pulled back into the Isle proper, and they are now on the defense, waiting for the inevitable (?), attack upon them.

Our heroes have been thrown into an Abyssal run prison for dissidents, near Chiaroscuro. Now they will try to escape, and beat back the tides of darkness that threaten to rapidly overwhelm the world as they know it.

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