Persona: Krewe Du Vieux

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  • Created Jun 16 '12
  • Last Post Aug 15 '12 at 8:00am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Dresden Files

Game Description

New Orleans. The Big Easy. The City that Care Forgot.
Steeped in history and drowning in cluture, New Orleans is the city of a thousand tales. From the wealthiest magnate to the most destitute urchin, everyone has a story to tell. Some are joyful yarns of serendipity and Joie de vivre, while others are mournful tales of misfortune and wasted opportunities. But among these, there are stories that tell of stranger things. Stories of urban legends and unsolved mysteries. Tales of ordinary men and women fighting for their lives against the unknown.

Tonight's story is one such tale.
It's called Persona: Krew Du Vieux, and it's a Horror/Mystery/Slice of Life Adventure Drama set in none other than New Orleans. Five years after Hurricane Katrina, a group of kids attending Unity High, a prestigious private school famous for handing out generous "wild card" scholarships to people who they think have potential. Things are going fine so far, but when a rumor of a haunted amusement park catches their interest, they fall headfirst into the world of the supernatural.

They arn't helpless,
as from the strength to face oneself comes a new power, the power of the Persona; the mask used to face the world made manifest. With this power at their disposal, these brave folks have the chance to fight back against the darkness, and find the heart of gold hidden behind the city's rusty exterior.

But they're not the only ones in this strange new world,
and sometimes even the power of Personae isn't enough. Will our heroes' courage, friendship, and perseverance be strong enough to win the day against overwhelming odds?

...well that's up to you now, isn't it?

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