Operation Checkmate: D20 Modern Spies

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  • Created Jun 16 '12
  • Last Post Aug 23 '12 at 12:59am
  • Status Aborted
  • System D20 Modern

Game Description



This is a game about espionage and spies. It will use the d20 Modern rule set as a base, though my GMing style is more story telling oriented than numbers oriented. A great deal of pre work will go into this particular game because I enjoy working with well thought out characters as I find that if you are willing to put work into your character you will generally put work into a game. I warn you now if you are a big time number cruncher who loves systems, you will NOT enjoy my game. I am a very RP intensive GM (specially in the world of play by post) and focus heavily on story. If this sounds like you cup of tea, please feel free to read on.

Number of Players: 4-6

Character Information and creation rules

You have recently been recruited into a top secret organization known as The Foundation. The Foundation has given you the training you need to begin your career as a secret operative and you are now ready to join a team of other operatives and go on your first mission.

At this time I am looking for character concepts and back story more than numbers. For this reason I do not wish to receive character sheets until after you are accepted into the game.

For Now please use the following Application if you wish to be considered in the game. I welcome both questions in the forum and through the mail so feel free to hit me up.

Character Name:

Age: (Min 18 max 25)




Why did the Foundation choose you?

What role do you play in the team? (Leader, Stealth, Combat, Investigation, Social Interaction)(Note: Your character can be good at more than one thing but please keep it real.)

What I am looking for

I am looking for well thought out character concepts. I want to be able to read your application and have a good grasp on both the character and what the character will do as an operative. It doesn't need to be ten pages long but I do want to see more than a bunch of one line answers. I encourage creativity and enjoy unique concepts but please do not be afraid to submit something tried and true (for example A sniper concept). Please keep in mind that I care far more about who the character is than what the character is (i.e. A sniper is cool but please give me a background and personality to go with the cold as ice stare).

I will accept applications for the next seven days and we will begin the game on Monday the 18th.

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