Quest for the Seven Cities

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"Long ago, the Moors went a-conquerin'. They had all Spain runnin' before 'em, and were closin' in fast on a particular town--no one today knows the name. The people o' this here town, they be afraid fer their lives... so they, led by their clergy, set out on a voyage t' th' West, to escape the Moors. After a long, perilous journey, they find th' Island of Antilla, full o' riches, and build the Seven Cities of Antilla. And then... they vanish. Inta legend, most'll tell ye... but what if I was t' tell ye that it twasn't a legend after all...?"

Set in the world of Pirates of the Caribbean, this will be a rollicking adventure equal parts high seas and exploration of a legendary island. Danger awaits, as do riches--and perhaps even some old, familiar faces....

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