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Invitation1392 is a time of great upheaval in the city of Luskan. Following the daring raid by an army of mercenaries led by Lord Brambleberry of Waterdeep in the autumn of 1376 DR, Luskan as it was known was destroyed. The Arcane Brotherhood was annihilated, the Hosttower of the Arcane destroyed, and the five Pirate Kings fallen. After several years of infighting, five new pirate kings have arisen to take up the mantels of their predecessors. Together, these five kings rule the city, each controlling a portion of the city, but meeting as a council to decide matters on a city wide scale. While working together, the kings are constantly infighting, vying for power.

Luskan is a city of pirates, thieves, and outlaws, now even more so than ever before. Almost all races walk the streets of Luskan openly and those that don't walk openly walk in the shadows.

During this time of upheaval, you joined a group known as The Wolf Pack. The founding members of your group have since passed and you are what is left. This time of chaos had been good to your group and you are on decent standings with all five pirate kings who you have done work for in the past.
One day, an unusual invitation arrives.

"Posting Date, 8th of Kythorn, 1392 DR.
The Wolf Pack is cordially invited to the residence of High Captain Arak'al of Luskan for a business proposition. Please bring the tools of your trade. You will be paid the amount of 100 gp just for attending. More information will be provided upon arrival. My master does so hope you will attend.

Signed, Dallion Hammerstock
First Mate"

OOCThis is my first game as a DM, but I am getting some help from MadHatter. Be patient with me, but I hope we will have a lot of fun together.

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