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  • Created Jun 21 '12
  • Last Post Jul 5 '12 at 11:58pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Homebrew

Game Description

"The sharp-dressed man on the television declared the winning lottery numbers, your life changed forever."

Year 2031
Location: Sombrero Galaxy, 28 million light years from Earth.

You are ordinary people, civilians who awaken in a glass tube suspended in midair. Stark white walls and 1970's-like circuitry surround you in some garish Sci-Fi flick. Vision warped, eyes heavy from slumber and mouth dry you become frightened, you scream for someone to save you from your glass sarcophagus only to find it already opening before you. Rising from the red padding beneath you, a voice filters into the room from some invisible attendant.

"Good morning, we are glad to see you well. Welcome aboard the Little Ghost, we hope you enjoy your tour of the galaxy."

A small ping, a dinner bell? Several other glass tubes are opening around you like incubators and one by one people appear from within, sharing your same reaction to their surroundings. Completely unaware of where on Earth they are.

But you're not really on Earth...are you?


This is my first time planning a game and running it here on Myth-Weavers. Needless to say I am very anxious about the turn out. I am attempting to create a Sci Fi game reminiscent of Logan's Run, Star Trek: Motion Picture, The Man Who Fell to Earth and even some Blade Runner type inspirations. It plans to be an RP oriented game with simple gaming mechanics and stat balancing. The focus here is STORYTELLING. I pride character development over who can roll the highest. As players go along through the story they will find themselves gaining awards for different scenarios and those in turn provide levels so to speak.


At some point Earth began to champion space travel. It took on new bounds and discovered new things with fully manned vessels. A lottery was held worldwide and five people were chosen to become the members of a the vessel Little Ghost. The Little Ghost would be the first interactive spaceship to deliver civilians into space on a universal tour.

But there was something in space, something that took notice of Earth's bounds and stopped it quite promptly. That left the Little Ghost to float out in space for countless years as Earth lost contact and space travel became less and less for mysterious reasons. You begin as a lucky lottery winner just awakening from cryogenic stasis. Bewildered by where you are you've forgotten most of your past, family, are newborns.

In time you will learn to commandeer the Little Ghost but where will you go? Back to Earth? A new hospitable home? Encounter enigmatic alien species? Kill one another? Go mad with isolation? Think of this as a Choose Your Own Adventure Story...but there is no turning back.


We will be using The Window game system. This ensures no one gets caught up on numbers, crunching or stat development. I want this to be fluid, natural. Narrative.


The application is simple, post here on this thread.
Here are the specifics...

Rule Understanding: Confirm that you have read The Window rules (3 Precepts) by quoting them here and acknowledging you will adhere to them as much as possible.
Character Details: Name, age, height/weight, hair/eyes, overall appearance. (Characters all begin by wearing a pair of tight black boxer briefs and a sports bra if female.)
Quick Bio: Give me three to five sentences describing your character, or what you character may remember about themselves.
Former Career: You may not remember this as a character but as a player it will be important later on. (I will be looking for unique and non-repetitive career choices. Celebrities are allowed within reason, no political or military albeit.)

My character has...(List the following stats like the example following. Use your best judgement as I will be basing these stats willingness to be flawed on the overall character acceptance.)
[Characters have the following adjectives to use on the below stats. 1 Below Average. 3 Average. 2 Above. 1 High.]
Strength: Above average strength.
Agility: Average agility.
Health: Below average health.
Knowledge: A high knowledge of how things work.
Sanity: An above average sanity.
Perception: An average sense of perception.
Luck: Average luck.

My character is...(Note that skills are whatever you want them to be for your character, you could have the skill of being a dog-whisperer...but would that really help you out in space? NOTE: No character should begin with more than six skills. Any other skills they have are simply not worth note)
[Characters have the following adjectives to use on their skills. 3 Average. 2 Above Average. 1 High.]
An above average writer.
An highly skilled painter.
An average basketball player.
An average conversationalist.
An average actor.
An above average mechanic.

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