The Eleventh Hour

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Game Information
  • Created Jun 23 '12
  • Last Post Jul 21 '12 at 8:29pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Dark Heresy

Game Description

The Eleventh Hour is an introductory adventure intended to give players a chance to experience the Only War Roleplaying Game. In this adventure, the players take on the role of Imperial Guardsmen in one of the God-Emperorís wars for dominance of the galaxy, pushing back the tides of heretic, mutant, and alien scum which threaten mankindís very existence. They must face the worst the enemies of the Imperium can throw at them and keep fighting, knowing that they are the thin line that separates the rule of man from chaos, carnage, and death. It is a thankless job and a bloody one, from which there will be no retirement, no respite, and
no rest; only in death does duty end for a Guardsman.

WHERE IS THE REGIMENT FROM? With being a wide variety of different guardsman throughout the Spinward Front, there has to be a base of operations. A place where they recieve orders from your commanding officer. This can be any planet of any choice by group census but the idea that all of you are from different war zones and have been assembled for special duty within this regiment.

WHY WAS THE REGIMENT RAISED? What is the group census on why this regiment was raised? Is it a black operations force or is it maybe recon. Whatever the reason there has to be some need for this regiment to be around.

WHAT DOES THE REGIMENT BELIEVE? What are your vices and virtues? Is it death before dishonor or maybe attack with everything you have? There could be many reasons from simple ones to complex beliefs of your regiment.

IN WHAT STATE IS THE REGIMENT? Is your regiment a crack team and veterns of death world exploration and conquest? Maybe your regiment is fresh from leave and have been assigned a new war zone. Whatever the reason your regiments state could affect how you act and what type of conditions you will have to face. If your faced with drop zones after drop zones and it's getting to you, maybe your closer to insanity then one might think.

WHAT IS THE REGIMENTíS NAME? What is the name of your regiment. A pure and simple name for your regiment compared with the others of the Guardsman.

WHO IS THE REGIMENTíS COMMANDER? Who is your supervising commander? What is he like? A group census will determine the way, he reacts to your lead and how well you follow orders? Knowing this will heavily influence later missions and transmissions to your party from the commander on logistics, survival, motivation and commanding.

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