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Welcome to the Fayth Region!

The Fayth region is abounding in luscious forests and rivers. Spacious skies and lively cities and villages.
Pokemon have become almost like citizens of the cities because people and their Pokemon are attached to one another. People and Pokemon work together in harmony to keep the Region stable and running. Some Pokemon even have official jobs. (E.X. Alakazam help with businesses, Chansey and Audino are full-fledged Nurses along with Nurse Jewel, Medicham teaches Martial arts and the art of Zen, etc.) Fayth has been the most peaceful region out of the all the known Regions.
Fayth has not been traveled too much for tourism because most outsiders didn’t know about it. The only Region, known to have any knowledge of it at all, was the Hoenn Region. Fayth, for the longest time was said to be a myth because sailors would see it as a mirage. In the Hoenn Region, there was an island off the coast of Pacificlog Town called Mirage Island. Apparently, Mirage Island was a piece of land that drifted off from somewhere in the Fayth Region. Once Mirage Island was fully discovered, Fayth became fully discoverable. Since then, the other Regions have just recently heard the news of yet another new Region to explore.
Fayth League has created and sent out thousands of brochures to every Region to give to new and old trainers alike wishing to test their skills in a new land unknown to them.

You are one of those trainers who received a brochure from your Professor, parents, mentor, etc. What will you decide to do? Will you go? Can you put your home life on pause and visit a new place? Are you up for the adventure? WELL IF SO, then…………………


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