The Celestials: Children of Heaven

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In the times before recorded history, unique beings walked among us. They were of our flesh, but not of our blood. It is said that the ancient gods sent their children to our world to help us and guide us and in rare instances, punish us, though if only to put on us back the right path. These creatures, not quite human, not quite gods, spent many eons trying to find their place in the world of men. In some ages, they were worshiped and loved, and in others, they were reviled, labeled as evil and unholy. Though the old gods have faded into distant memory, their children still yet live, spreading the message of hope and redemption in a world that desperately needs it.

The Ďdemi-godsí of this era see their place again and now work for the benefit of all mankind. Sometimes itís through inspiration, other times, itís through direct intervention. They are always vigilant, always watchful, mindful of the coming days, when the end of the this age shall pass and mankind will take infancy steps into a new world.

This is their story, they are...

The Celestials: The Children of Heaven

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