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The four nations of Azen, defined almost solely by race and tradition, have co-existed in relative peace since pre-historic times. While the races themselves interact regularly, cross-breeding is unheard of and in some cases, punishable by law. The nations typically work together in harmony, united by necessity more then anything else; for Azen is a storm-riddled and troubled land, where flash-floods occur almost annually and rain is an every day nuisance.

On the hard earth, the Human nation of Calyside works the land, farming and hunting to provide food for their families. Their Grand Library and Academy of Magical Arts are the envy of Azen, with students of every race and creed within it's walls.
In the city of brick and mortar, a name is only worth his family name's wealth, and only the hard working - or the truly clever - ever ascend into luxury.

High above the clouds seemingly amidst the stars, the floating city of Kri'nosa is home to the Elves. Having adapted millennia ago to their ariel home, the elves transverse the floating rocks via lifts and zip-lines, hunting birds too small to ride and studying the weather of Azen to predict the coming storm fronts. Recently, the elves have been exploring the possibilities of flight, and now collaborate with the Human artificers in their design.

Vahkra lies beneath Calyside, where the dwarves mine valuable ores and gems to trade with the other races. Their metal works are their pride and joy, sold to the highest bidder among those interested. They dwell often in the Human cities, trading their goods and drinking away their wealth in Human pubs. With homes of stone and iron, the dwarves are a tough and exemplary race on Azen, working together towards a common good.

Surrounded on all sides by vast oceans, Azen's massive shores eventually drop off into the subaqueous metropolis of Odenai. Here, the tribal and spiritual Merfolk make their homes. Their society is seen as alien to the other races, with strange initiations and rites constantly occupying their time. The Merfolk ascend often to the shores, trading fish, pearls and treasure in exchange for building materials and magical items. They have few dealings with the Elven nation, due primarily to distance, if not disinterest.

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