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The year is 960 as the Onda count the turns. The Great Peace was broken over 140 years ago when Monrock frost-pelt killed Yaldor Thunder-eyes and drove the Oldok tribe from the northern plains. The Oldok tribe has wandered the southern lands without a home since then, being driven from their lands time and time again. The world is a savage untamed place filled with vast forests and territory that no plow has ever turned and no man has ever tread. The Human tribes war with one another for territory, defending their lands and crops while trying to steal their neighbors'. It is a harsh place filled with savage people and the beasts they tame to war with one another.

You are a young member of the dying Oldok tribe.Once blessed by Zapdos and defender of the Great Peace your tribe was betrayed and has fallen to ruin. Your life has been a hard one, always on the edge of starvation and having to endure the hardships of constant strife. Are you a mighty warrior, one who will lay low your tribes enemies and lead them back to dominance? Are you a tribe shaman using your powers to heal or to harm? Are you a tribe breeder caring for the pokemon and breeding them to be strong to defend your lands? Destiny has called. How will you answer?

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