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Chaos. Destruction. Death.

Two years ago everything changed. It all fell apart. The Nine Mages of Shay, simply known as the Nine, broke magic.

The Nine met every decade to perform a ritual enabling magic to flow from The Rift into the material world so we could continue to use it. This time it went wrong. The races had gotten lazy and abused magic for replacing what could easily be done by hand. Magic was a part of every culture and used by nearly everyone, every day. Thus, the Rift was torn from overuse. When the Nine approached the Altar of Dredgik, the Rift began to widen with their presence. Like a flame exposed to air, it exploded killing many powerful magi and destroying artifacts far and wide. And then the flame receded. The Rift closed forever, leaving a glowing black and yellow scar in the sky visible by day and outlined in violet by night.

This catastrophe left lands without rulers and wise men, priest and heroes. Countries panicked and went to war, blaming one another for their margic turning on them. Men who sought to rebuke evil instead turned into undead themselves, whilst those summoning magical beasts were mercilessly slain by the creature’s own claws. Nothing is safe, and magic cannot be trusted.

When The Rift - now called The Scar - closed, it separated man from the gods. Some priests claimed to have received visions, prophecies, of deities daying after a separation from magic rendered their existence meaningless: Boccob, Corellon Larethian, Obad-Hai, Wee Jas, Fharlanghn and Olidammara all fell to the curse. Many other gods were weakened by the deaths of their kinsmen. All but one.

Nerull God of Death and the Underworld flourished from the power relinquished unto him from the deceased gods. With his newfound strength, he awoke the most powerful evils on the earth: dragons and undead. The wars man fought with one another abruptly ended when monstrous black dragons and terrifying undead lich entered the fray, slaughtering thousands only to raise them again as their slaves. Mankind splintered and shattered.

But hope yet remained. A sanctuary in the East, like the rising sun, gave a glimmer of hope to travelers. The city of Goldcrest stood tall and gleaming in its splendor. Home of both the pirate lords and the infamous Gold Dragon Tiamat, the city went unharmed by evil attacks. Tiamat is legendary amongst all lands and people; however, different rumors circulate amongst each race. All tribes and tongues do agree that Tiamat is the oldest and most powerful creature alive.

A raggedy group of survivors manages to flee the war-torn West. They seek a new life in the sanctuary of Goldcrest's refuge. A year after the magical apocalypse, and four months into the wilds of the Grey Peaks through the dead of winter, the survivors enter the settlement of Brigand Keep to find that everything has changed.

Goldcrest City


System: Minimal-Magic
Max Players: 4-6
Type: Heavy Roleplaying, Medium Combat
Style: Large sandbox, semi-linear plot
Character Creation Rules

Welcome friends to a unique homebrew compaign of mine taking place part-way through a worldwide apocalypse. I have set up a unique system, so please read the character creation guide carefully. I would like this to be a story about characters and how they overcome great trials. This is a political intrigue and heavy-action campaign that requires tact and tactics simultaneously. As such, I would like strong characters (personality-wise) with unique backgrounds.

The first chapter of the campaign will be mostly character development: getting used to the minor rule changes in the new system, fast leveling up, and getting a feel for the world. In this chapter, there will be a group thread and individual private threads. This will essentially be a solo portion of the game, with minor group updates as you train to become warriors or masterminds.

The second chapter will be about group tactics and working together. The group will move from training to trying to acheive a goal together for whatever motives you so personally choose.

The third chapter will be free-roaming the city of Goldcrest. You can work as a group, in teams, or individually. I'm not the kind of DM that says "never split the party." Each man chooses his own path. Obviously, it is easier for me as a DM if everyone sticks together. There will be a main plot hook, but characters can do as they please, whether for good or ill.

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