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Game Description:

You will start out as a recruit in the Seekers Guild, a group dedicated to searching for artefacts and ancient magical knowledge. For whatever reason you decided to join the Seekers, but before you can run off into the world bearing their seal and hunting for treasure, you must pass their entrance exam.

Set Up

This game will be using the D&D 3.5 system, with a few variations to set the tone and style of the setting. Although it is not necessarily going to be player vs player, that is entirely within the realms of possibility - and sometimes hurting one of your rivals is the easiest way to improve your own character, but solid alliances are probably going to be the norm.

Generally speaking, each player will have one PC, but if I am ambitious I may have two separate groups of PC's, working neither against nor with the other, until such time as they meet and can choose what they want to do. That said, it is entirely possible that a given group may send off characters on side missions, which may lead to solo and/or side missions.

*Note: There will decidedly be no niche protection or what not in this game. There very well may be a group of three sneaky rogue types, depending on how much I like the applications and if I think it'll make for an interesting game.

Here is everything that is allowed.


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