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The Black Pearl is a short adventure for 1st level characters. I am seeking 4-6 players who are new to D&D 3.5e and/or new to play-by-post gaming for a game that I estimate will last for somewhere between 6-12 weeks real time. The object of the game (besides having fun) is to walk new players through the character creation process and then run an adventure to familiarize them with the 3.5e rules and the conventions of PbP gaming.

The adventure takes place in the Greyhawk campaign world, in a coastal location in the territories controlled by the Free City of Greyhawk. Players will not need to roll up their characters until they are accepted into the game. For simplicity, we will be using only the Player's Handbook to generate characters. Since the adventure takes place in a coastal setting, players are encouraged to incorporate nautical themes into their character concepts.

To Apply: Submit to the game forum's applications thread a brief but well-written statement, which should (1) indicate your prior experience with RPGs, with D&D 3.5 edition, and with PbP; (2) indicate your posting schedule and whether you anticipate any hiatus or change in that schedule during the next three months; and (3) introduce your character concept, including the reasons why their character is traveling alone on the dangerous road to Safeton. I will be accepting applicants based on my assessment of your writing skills, the quality of your character concept, your suitability for a new players' game, and whether your schedule will support the game. In general, I expect players to check in at least once a day, and to let me know if they can't.

Note that the Black Pearl is a published adventure. If you've read or played it before, please don't apply to the game.

Update: Application period closed. Processing applications.

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