Eyes of the Lich Queen

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As the silver dragon concentrated, he felt his consciousness
slip across thousands of miles, his mind’s eye visualizing
the great columned chamber so far away in his homeland
of Argonnessen.
“Sur’kil, what is it you have learned?” The words that
greeted him were cordially spoken, though there was a hint
of impatience in the rumbling undertones of the draconic speaker.
Sur’kil glanced around the chamber mentally, acknowledging the massive gold
dragon and the smaller white and blue that flanked him.
Sur’kil addressed the gold. “The prophecy and my research point to
the reality of Aridarastrixsauriv, my liege. As we feared, the Artifact
appears to be more than mere legend. Now, my studies have indicated the
most likely spot where it might be found . . .”

The details of Sur’kil’s explanation appeared to be largely lost on his
compatriots, with only the blue seeming to show interest. So it was with some
surprise that the silver dragon found himself given permission to send a group
to attempt to confirm the location of the Artifact, and to retrieve it if
possible. Returned to Argonnessen, it would be kept well guarded from the
enemies of dragonkind.
Once the conference had ended, Sur’kil considered his options. Knowing
that his direct involvement would draw far too much attention, he would
need to seek the assistance of a group of relative unknowns—and he knew just
where to look. . . .

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