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GIGA DUNGEON!!! (for 3.5/Tomes)

Okay folks, it's time for some serious talk.

In D&D, the dungeon is a place in the setting. You normally go INTO the dungeon. Because you want treasure or heroism. Or something like that.

This mini-campaign will invert that idea. You will not be going into the dungeon -- you will be trying to get out. Or maybe just trying to build a life there that doesn't suck TOO bad.

And this dungeon is not a place in the setting. The dungeon IS the setting. Like, the entire plane of existence is a impossibly huge Giga-Dungeon that is millions of miles across.

Is it some kind of Hell or Purgatory? Is it the result of a wizard's experiment in lair construction gone horribly awry? Is there anything beyond the Giga Dungeon, or is the possibility of an exit just a myth? Maybe you can unlock the secrets!

So it's like a fantastic dystopian nightmare made for D&D. It will be full of weirdness, magic, and awesome combat.

Think of it like a mix of the big house in Mountain of Black Glass, the "City" from Blame!, Gormenghast Castle, and the Labyrinth from Death Gate Cycle.

If you have interest, please apply with a basic character overview HERE. If the overview looks good, I'll get you to whip up the main stuff for a character sheet before the "final cut".


  • This will be a 3.5/Tomes game. That refers to these Tomes, not this Tome or this Tome. There will be a "big tent" in terms of what is allowed, but everything will ultimately be subject to approval. So yeah, you can use whatever you want for books, WotC or 3rd party or whatever, as long as rule text can somehow be made available to me. I have a lot of books, it'll probably be cool. Maybe go easy on me and think twice about any complex totally esoteric subsystems tho'...
  • Minion-based classes/abilities are strongly discouraged, but possibly negotiable depending on the particular case.
  • Nature based classes might be okay but will probably need some reflavoring/modification.
  • Because of the metaphysics in this mini-campaign setting, many spells that deal with planar stuff do not work normally. For example, calling spells and banishment effects work differently.
  • There are no typical "gods" for this setting, but classes that use divine magic are still fine. They just draw their magic from a power source other than gods. "Divine magic" just means something different in this setting.
  • The game will start at level 3 (32 pb).

Possible starting scenarios:
  • Everyone wakes up in a room with amnesia, and there is this entity called a Chaos Prism. And they are compelled by that entity to... do something hardcore.
  • You've heard the myths and legends. Now it's time to find the truth. You have decided to seek an exit out of the Dungeon. There must be a way... WITH YOUR SWORDS AND SORCERY!!!
  • You dudes live in one of the small settlements together, or maybe even in one of the dungeon cities. And you get together to... do something hardcore.
  • You have heard of fairies that can perform miracles... and you have a map that might show where one is.
  • You have your own business to deal with, and you don't expect to team up with anyone. But something hardcore happens. And then you wind up teaming up with some other hardcore people to do some hardcore stuff.

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