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It has been nearly a year since the wizards regained control of the Tower of High Sorcery in Wayreth from the
clutches of the power-hungry sorcerer Kalrakin. The sorcerer acquired possession of an artifact called the Irda Stone that allowed him to siphon magical energy from the Tower and transfer it into raw magical energy he could harness. The wizards finally killed the madman, but not without allowing his apprentice Luthar to escape.
At the time Luthar was a sorcerer of modest power and he hated Kalrakin for almost killing him but he hated the wizards more. At first he was thankful to be alive but he came to realize that the power Kalrakin wielded was what finally drove him insane. If he could find a way to harness that energy without endangering himself he could become quite powerful indeed.
Luthar recalled something Kalrakin once told him about the ruins of Skullcap and he traveled to there. The sorcerer snuck inside in the guise of a rat and for months he explored the ruins from top to bottom managing to avoid the creatures that laired there.
It was on the bottom most level of the dungeons of Skullcap that Luthar found what he was looking for. The sorcerer whispered words of magic that had been lost since the Cataclysm and a portal in the floor revealed itself. The hidden entryway led to an undiscovered level of Fistandantilusí former keep. What the sorcerer found in that level excited him to no end. The means to control the power of the Irda Stone was here.
Luthar prepared himself and traveled back to Wayreth. At this time the Towers and surrounding environs were still badly damaged. The forest lay in a magical, healing slumber and the sorcerer found his way back to Wayreth where he stole the Irda Stone and made his way back to Skullcap. The Wizards found out about the theft and put out a call for four brave adventurer's to enter Skullcap and retrieve the Irda Stone.

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