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The seven habitable planets in the Renatasia system were settled in 3,950BBY by the same colonists that would also go on to settle Naboo. In 3,892BBY Renatasia stopped all communications to the Galaxy at large. They had fled from war on their home planet only to watch the Sith ignite the Galaxy in conflict. Their isolation was the only way they knew how to deal with the rest of existence. They simply ignored it.

3651BBY:The Sith rediscovered the Renatasia system in the middle of their stalemate with the republic. The worlds were enslaved for their raw resources. A Sith academy was set up on Renatasia IV. The secret location of the system would make it a perfect place to train new recruits.

3628BBY:Tensions loom. The Renatasian military fleets were disbanded. Technology is limited. The restrictions on freedoms get tighter each passing month. A small auxillary fleet is all that patrols the Renatasia system. None are allowed to leave the system and spread word of its existence. Everywhere Dark Sith recruits cause chaos.

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