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  • Created Jul 17 '12
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Game Description

Humanity made it beyond the boundaries of Earth and finally established a great Empire across multiple worlds. Along the way there have been many of the same problems humans have always faced and even to this day humanity still faces problems of conflict, inequality, poverty, crime and all the usual things humans always seem to end up doing no matter what time period they're in. Due to the Planetary Union forming a unified force of law enforcers has been established which operates across the union preserving the peace, protecting the people and upholding the laws.

However, things aren't always what they seem and those in power want to shape things to suit their own interests while manipulating the people across the Union to maintain the status quo they have attained. For starters, there are people with great abilities created from science and technology, which was created during the time of a previous war turning people in to super soldiers. They had great abilities beyond what any normal human could do and over time the technology was adapted to extend the lives of those who utilised the technology to alter themselves and gain these advanced abilities allowing them to outlive multiple generations of humans and never showing signs of the effects of physical aging. These people remember history and have seen much of the truths of the past that others are so easily able to forget as things are lost from one generation to the next. They live among the populace but the vast majority of people are unaware of their existence. Just like normal humans, their personalities can vary greatly as well as their appearances.

The leaders of the Planetary Union are aware of these altered people and out of fear they took steps to secure some of them in order to control them to serve the agenda of those in power. These altered people with their abilities could not be left unchecked or unopposed should they choose to cause problems that could disrupt the very nature of the Planetary Union that keeps everything running smoothly. Some of these altered people work for the agency relating to Law Enforcement for the Planetary Union; where normal humans can't do the job these altered people of The Shadow Unit step in to get the job done. They aren't officially recognised and generally get no credit for the work they do because their assignments also include dealing with other altered people who are seen as enemies of the Planetary Union. The existence of this Unit, their involvement in operations and the fact that there are altered people out there at all is strictly classified and confidential information.

However, these members of The Shadow Unit are still unaware of the many things going on around them. They may have been involved in History and seen the truths but in order for the Planetary Union to control these altered people their memories were altered and their personalities adjusted to make them nothing but pawns to be used as required. The Shadow Unit consists of multiple teams of altered people, all of whom have had their memories altered and personalities adjusted as they follow their orders and complete their missions. There are some altered people involved with leading The Shadow Unit who have aligned their interests with the Planetary Union for their own reasons as they make sure the power of the Planetary Union is maintained. There are also other altered people out there doing what they can to oppose the Planetary Union.

As for the altered people who have had their memories altered and memories adjusted:

Will they ever be able to remember who they are and the truths that are being hidden from the people of the Planetary Union?
What will they do should such a thing ever happen?

Their journey is just beginning.............

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