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The Academ Magicala is the premier institution of higher learning in the Kingdom of Kharolis, and indeed, the entire world. Students of every race and nation come to it, sometimes from thousands or more miles away even, in a few rare cases, other planes. The fields of study it offers to its students are manifold magic of many types, theology of a dozen pantheons, history, music, engineering, art, mathematics, and more.

The Academ, in of itself, is the size of a large town, and across the river lies the City of Drivon, which offers its own entertainments, services and products for the students. Smuggling of prohibited goods onto the campus, the purchase of rare reagents for spells and rituals, rare or forbidden tomes, and more. Duels between students, magical, physical, mental, on the Campus Green, summonings and experiments gone awry, and simple rivalries between students, the arrogance of noble-born students towards those on scholarship and the children of wealthy merchants, factional and academic disputes between teachers and departments all this and more render the Academ an exciting environment for its students and residents, beyond just lectures and classes.

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