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Professor Melborrium's Dungeon Emporium Presents
The Mother of All Dungeons
Highway to Helheim: The Movie: The Game

Ladies, gentlemen, post-gendered androgynous beings from alternate realms of existance, children of all ages! From the frozen keeps of the fey lords to the abyssal pits of ... well, the Abyss, and now to you in your own home, comes the greatest dungeon adventure to ever exist in the entire multiverse. Some say that this dungeon is endless, that it's caverns and rooms burrow forever beneath the ground. Some say that all dungeons that have existed, or ever will exist are within these deadly walls. Some say this is simply a marketing ploy for Professor Melborrium's Dungeon Emporium. Whatever is in this dungeon, none have lived to tell of its majesty and wonders! But what is in the dungeon? Nobody knows! There could be fabulous wealth, ancient relics of unspeakable power, secrets to immortality, or just a lot of filthy monsters and disease!

Today, five brave souls - warriors and warlocks, paladins and princes, rogues and ruffians from the length and breadth of the varied planes of existence - will venture into these inconceivable tunnels. Will they have the courage, the conviction, the sheer boneheadedness to master what so many before have failed to? But just who are these five foolish brave adventurers? Let's meet our contestants...

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