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From nothing comes something and into the light from the silence and madness you awake with the others within the Happy Lantern. A seedy Tavern known for their escorts and harlotry. But how did you get here? You don't remember much before the blackout and your business within the Dock Ward had proved immeasurable but where was your gold? Where was the profit that you made during your last adventure. As you rub your temples and the back of your head, your mind wracked with a terrible headache and the bruise on your arm felt sore. Looking to see the extent of damage you roll up your sleeve and notice a sigil tattooed on your arm. The tribal black formation of glyphs reminded you of runes distant past. Remarkably you were alive and rightly so, also alerted the others to their precarious situation. There were many questions needed answered. All you had in your possession was a few coins and a ticket aboard the ship called the Masquerade. Waterhavians were known for their elaborate send offs. Believing that voyages from the Sword Coast proved fortune and favor to those worthy of sea travel, each of you do not know one another but because this single action taking place brought you together most of you find it within yourself to freely discuss matters at hand.

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