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Welcome Mortals, to the Tournament of Heroes. You have been brought here from your home realms for the pleasure of the Gods themselves. Each of you was yanked from your world, your timeline at a pivotal point in your quest, because simply being here isn't motivation enough to win. No, we want the very fate of your world to be on the line. Events back home are still progressing, and you know full well that without you, your world will fall.

There is a way to save your world. One way, and only one way. You must win the Tournament. In fact, the Gods have decided to sweeten the deal. The winner will be welcomed into the ranks of the Gods themselves. But, you are not the only one who was chosen, Hero. Heroes from many worlds have also been summoned to face you. To win, you must face the other heroes in mortal combat. Should you live, you advance to the next round. Should you die, well.... The fate of your world hangs in the balance.

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