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Looking for 4-6 players to play a standard 3.5e campaign.
Only races from the PHB are available. At later levels Prestige classes from the DMG are available. Ask me about prestige classes from other books.
I prefer posts every day, but can tolerate every other day.

Kardova is a sprawling metropolis located on the northwestern coast of Trahltor, the Kard Coast. Due to its prime positioning, it is the hub of trade and commerce and, of course, crime. The city has many attractions that draw everything from adventurers to holy men from all of Tralhtor and beyond. Among its attractions is the largest bazaar on the continent as well as the only arena. But first, visitors must make it into the Inner City.

The Outer City
Kardova is a huge city surrounded by thick, 100 foot walls of granite. However, only 40% of the metropolis's population actually resides within these walls. The majority of people live in what is known as the Outer City.
The Outer City is also walled, but they are only about 20 feet high. Within its confines lie the poorer, but still clean citizens. All visitors to Kardova are only allowed within the Outer City and must accrue a certain amount of wealth or perform some great task for the city before they are allowed into the Inner City. The reason for this being that the Emperor of Kard does not allow disreputable people so close to his palace.

The Arena
Many young warriors seek to prove their prowess and earn their fortune engaged in brutal, to-the-death combat. In order to fight within the arena you must have enough money to book a timeslot, which can be expensive. The arena is located within the Inner City.

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