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"Just where his belt with golden buckles join’d,
Where linen folds the double corslet lined,
She turn’d the shaft, which, hissing from above,
Pass’d the broad belt, and through the corslet drove;
The folds it pierced, the plaited linen tore,
And razed the skin, and drew the purple gore.
With equal lustre various colours vie,
The shining whiteness, and the Tyrian dye."

--The Illiad by Homer, translated by Alexander Pope.

The story of the Tyrian Isles is a long and bloody tale. Since the Isles were first discovered nearly 350 years ago, its lands have been bathed in the blood of heroes, villains, and monsters alike. The small island nation was born out of wars of colonization, foreign aggression, and political greed, but it has an even older history, a legacy nearly as old as the Gods of Olympus themselves. The Isles are dotted with ruins and monuments of an ancient civilization. Most have been reclaimed by nature or reduced to dust by the passage of time, but there are those that still linger, clues to a past as ancient as myth itself.

For a handful of years the Isles have known peace, but there is a new threat on the horizon—a menace that has slumbered in stone for eons and has awoken with a hunger for vengeance. And though none know of its presence, the citizens of Tyre have recognized strange stirrings. Pirates, once thought expunged, have begun plying the trade routes again. And normally fearful, the goblin tribes are on the move. Over the last month they have been encroaching upon human lands more often and in greater numbers. Clashes have been few, but those dwelling on the frontiers are beginning to worry. And what’s more, all the tribes encountered are worshipping a new deity—something they call the Serpent Mother.

Six heroes have found themselves caught up in the conflict. And though their motives are varied, the tides of fate have brought them together and ushered them on a journey to lay claim to the weapons of the ancient hero Perseus. Though none might know it yet, only the scions of that mythic warrior can stem the coming onslaught and save the Isles from another deluge of Tyrian Dye.

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