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You're a mercenary in the renowned Seven Swords Mercenary Guild. You make your living as a bounty-hunter, a bodyguard or a sell-sword (or sell-spell, or sell-whatever-you-have-to-offer). It's not glamorous, but it pays the bills, and unlike these stuck-up "adventurer" types, at least you're honest about what you do.

However, in the city-state of Ibberton, the guilds are more than just collections of tradesmen. The word is that the Seven Swords' leader, Duncan Bode, has plans, plans which involve the downfall of certain political rivals and the prosperity of the Seven Swords, plans which involve a battlefield not of blood and blades, but of gossip and rumour, cloak and dagger. Whatever path the guild takes, though, it seems that as usual, you will be the ones on the front lines.

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