Final Fantasy: Shared Dreams

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  • Created Aug 13 '12
  • Last Post Dec 4 '12 at 8:13pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Homebrew

Game Description

Final Fantasy: Shared Dreams

The dreams began about 3 months ago, the day before you got the acceptance letter to the St Martin Institute, a highly prestigious private boarding in Seattle Washington. And you were given a free ride including a monthly stipend. Your parents were unbelievably proud of you. But the thing is, you did not apply....

The dreams were rather simple really... Old medieval villages, wizards, knights and dragons. At first they seemed like little more than figments than an overactive imagination... But as the first day of school draws closer, they get clearer in your waking minds. It is almost like it is calling to you, though you can not tell where that path will lead.

This game is going to draw from the tradition of Sliders and Erfworld, a world that is so similar to our own but ever so slightly off. While you are in the “real” world, you are normal high school students... But once you are on the other side of the looking glass, you will find yourself able to do things you never could have dreamed of. And the real question is... Would you want to go back?

The game system will be using the Final Fantasy d6 rules, which can be found

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