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War of The Magi

The Atlantean empire had made it's finest breakthrough in research into the arcane. They had finally harnessed the essence of dragons. They had finally given rise to Arcane Technology. The stolen essence of dragons fused mortal blood, iron, and forged into works of supreme ingenuity.

Finally humanity would wield the very powers they had feared from birth...

It would come at a price. As the live of dragons were drained, the dragons perished and the death enraged others of the scaled kin. The unnatural arcane pollution of the factories blotted out the sky til green lightning coiled in the clouds destroying the lands about the Empire's capital of Atlantis. War loomed on the horizon.

The techonology forged from magic gave rise to new a new race of people, simply named The Magi. As arcane essence was fused into non-draconic beings they gained magical prowess.

The Magocracy was stronger than ever before. A new type of mortal walked the earth, The Magi. These humans wielded the very fabric of nature in their hands, ripping it from air to devastating effect. The Empire spread like wildfire destroying the non-magic nations. The rapid decline in dragons, and destruction of the surrounding nations bred hatred for the Atlantean Empire. People revolted, and died as a consequence. The dragons fled the world hoping their absence would slow the progress of hte Empire. The Emperor would grow hungry thirsting for more power. People spoke of Great Dragons, Bahamut and Tiamat. Mere legends, but enough to start an all out hunt for them.

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