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So this is a heads up , that a came is being planned, and am setting up roles and rules for now, that are based on a concept of monster manual V, of 3.5, page 38, which willl be xorvintaal.

That will involve stratagems, roving band styled battles, and home bases, mixed with forts/neutral areas among a fight area that will be miles in length.

Things will fall under this General concept

-Dragons : Wiill be two players, who among the players who are intrested, will be chosen by vote among everyone to be team leaders, and play their role. CR 10 level dragons + XORVINTAAL template

- Captains: Will be those who are left over, and will be made, before the team captains pick who they want on their team . Creations will be of 6th level, as this is a starting effort. Spells will be limited to 3rd level , with no MOI or Tomb's ( I want to keep this simple and easy to track for our first game.) You may choose monsters + character classes.

-Scouts,LT Rank,Left overs If we have alot of folks interested, in this , I will look into making focused roles, that may be talked among Dragon Leaders , and the roleplayers.

-Sources for Creation of characters, I would like to avoid Min-Maxers. All Captains and below, will be equipped with dragon bane weapons, to help make the fights between them and the dragons more interesting.

Stratagems- Will be decided once the map is chosen and made up for use, their will be Two designated areas known as home base, and then wild and uncontrolled zones between them, that captains, and dragons will benefit from in taking, and holding to advanced their cause. Ideas may be given for what they want to allow in the conversation thread.

I do see this as a odd mesh between , D&D and a MOBA (Multi Player Battle Arena)

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