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The Divided Worlds is a Homebrew setting of my own make with a few years of preparation behind it.

Gaeia, where the campaign first takes place, is a land ruled by nature and simplicity. Few find reason to fight amongst themselves given the abundance of land and resources at their disposal, but there are still such occurrences not limited to regional disputes that can be surveyed or witnessed throughout the land.

High above Gaeia is a large mass dubbed the God's Land, a mysterious continent only a dwarf in comparison to the near limitless size of Gaeia herself that peers down upon the inhabitants of the plains below. There have been tales that God's descend from the sky and judge a handful of lucky tribes, however none have ever seemed to pass their judgement as their homes are razed and decimated with strange powers unlike any of Gaeia have ever known. Still, it is said that those that travel to the God Land are equally punished, never heard from again but written and spoken of as legendary heroes willing to sacrifice themselves as offerings to the Gods.

The game will be a living and breathing realm, character actions can and will have ramifications if it would so set the world at an imbalance. Sandbox in nature the intrigue and adventures are limitless, be wary of the things you say as down the line you may find yourself reaping what you have sown.

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